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Palm Beach woman champions children through foundation

MEET YOUR NEIGHBOR: Geri Emmett, 61 Helping the Girl Scouts. Replacing stolen bicycles. Filling a child’s backpack with school supplies. These are some of the acts of giving that make Geri Emmett cherish her role as chairwoman of the Duffy’s Foundation. “Each effort makes me feel very proud of our company and demonstrates what we […]

Local teens ‘School Lunch Fairy’ scores at least $10,000 from Duffy’s Foundation

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. (CBS 12) —  Christian Cordon-Cano and Bernardo Hasbach’s lunch room mission is catching on around the country. The students, both 17, are the young faces behind “School Lunch Fairy,” which raises funds to help public schools pay off their lunch balances. The Duffy’s Foundation will be donating at least $10,000 to their […]