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Duffy’s brings in Girl Scouts, Palm Beach School of Autism students to decorate pie boxes for Meals on Wheels

Duffy’s Sports Grill has continued to make a difference in the community. The Duffy’s Foundation recently donated pies for homebound seniors in support of the Meals on Wheels of the Palm Beaches Pie It Forward Thanksgiving program. 

The Duffy’s Foundation teamed up with the Palm Beach School For Autism and Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida in a collaborative effort to assemble boxes at its headquarters in Lake Worth.

“Each pie sold feeds a senior for a week and it’s our biggest fundraiser with Meals on Wheels and we are really proud of it,” said Geri Emmett, Duffy’s Foundation chairwoman. “When Meals on Wheels delivers the food to the seniors, they are also doing a wellness check, and that is so important. Meals on Wheels has been a cornerstone for us and we want to bring awareness and support our communities.” 

The Duffy’s Foundation, which has supported the philanthropic event for seven straight years to assist Palm Beach County’s homebound seniors, donated 352 pies. They raised over $180,000 this year with 2,450 pies sold and another 850 virtual pies. 

“It grows every year and it’s great to make sure the seniors are getting what they need,” said Joe Webb, president of Duffy’s Sports Grill. “We are also doing a prepackaged holiday family meal and anyone can order it online. For all the meals that we sell, we are going to match for Meals on Wheels.” 

The Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida had several volunteers return to participate with the Pie It Forward Thanksgiving program. 

“We have really enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Duffy’s and they have been a great community partner,” said Melinda Glasco, director of marketing for the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida. “The girls always have a great time. It’s a great community service project and and they love doing it.” 

Emmett said Duffy’s Sports Grill brings awareness to the Girl Scouts and they were involved with submitting the drawing for their kids’ menu. 

“We have a long-standing relationship with the Girl Scouts,” she said. “We have done cooking classes with them. The Girl Scouts always help. They have been a part of a lot of initiatives that we have done.” 

The Palm Beach School For Autism participated in the Pie It Forward program. Patrick Pierre Jr., who is the director of Project Next, also has a program designed for students from ages 18 to 22 to get involved with the community. 

“The goal is for our students to learn life skills for their future and to hopefully work at these other businesses in the community,” he said. “Duffy’s has really opened their doors and has been a great advocate and supporter. We have students in several of their restaurants throughout Palm Beach County. The students are getting training and it helps them a lot so they can be independent as adults.” 

Emmett said the students from Project Next have learned several skills since training at Duffy’s Sports Grill. 

“Some of the kids have been able to get jobs and it’s the most rewarding feeling that you can have,” she said. “We are very proud to work with the Project Next initiative.” 

Duffy’s Sports Grill has been involved in several philanthropic efforts throughout the state. Webb said they sponsor soccer teams and leagues also have a strong relationship with the Orange Bowl committee. They provide support and donate food to Pop Warner football leagues across the state on weekends. They provide cheerleading, parents and coaches awards as well. 

Despite seeing commodities that are skyrocketing, Webb added that Duffy’s Sports Grill has been able to differentiate itself with the commitment to quality of its food. They also have opened all locations after COVID-19, which has included a remodel in Tampa. 

“We are family-owned and it’s a great brand and fun company to be a part of,” Webb said. 

The Duffy’s Foundation also has been able to establish trust with its customers in support of philanthropic efforts, which has included receiving personal donations or have customers give their MVP points toward charitable causes. 

“It’s a lot of planning and we have quite the team,” said Chelsea Sell, vice president of marketing at Duffy’s Sports Grill. “ Our guests and MVPs know what’s going on and how they can help in the community with our efforts combined.” 

Emmett said the Duffy’s Foundation has several brand partners it supports throughout the year. 

“Special Olympics has been very meaningful for us for a very long time,” she said. “It’s children in sports and that’s what we are there for. We donated to the American Red Cross campaign to give out smoke alarms for low-income families. We have a commitment across our foundation and stores for everything that we do. We are hands-on and here to help.”