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Local teens ‘School Lunch Fairy’ scores at least $10,000 from Duffy’s Foundation



Christian Cordon-Cano and Bernardo Hasbach’s lunch room mission is catching on around the country.

The students, both 17, are the young faces behind “School Lunch Fairy,” which raises funds to help public schools pay off their lunch balances.

The Duffy’s Foundation will be donating at least $10,000 to their organization.

“These are kids that are applying for colleges right now. They are stressed at their own time, and yet they are giving back to the community. If we take that to heart, and give back to the community, we can all do such greatness,” said Geri Emmett, Duffy’s Foundation Chairwoman.

The website launched a few months ago, and already the high school seniors raised over $12,000.

They’ve donated to over a dozen schools nationwide, including in Martin and Palm Beach counties.

Their generous effort is catching world-wide attention, from Seattle to the United Kingdom.

“We look into what school have large amount of lunch debt. We reach out to them. If they’re willing to accept the money, we gladly give it to them,” said Cordon-Cano.

It started after Cordon-Cano heard a radio segment about school “lunch shaming,” where some public schools make students throw away their meals because their parents are behind on lunch payments.

The King’s Academy senior calls it humiliating.

“Everyone in America deserves a good lunch,” said Cordon-Cano.

These teens hope their efforts will inspire others.

“It’s never too early to start making a difference,” said Bernardo Hasbach, senior at Dreyfoos School of the Arts in Palm Beach County.

To donate, visit School Lunch Fairy.